About me

Get some tissues, this is probably going to make you cry...

My life started in 1980.

My novel-writing life started on January 2, 2008 with a lot less doctors but about the same amount of crying.

Most people (I assume) who become authors gravitate towards writing at an early age.  They know exactly who they are and what they want.  Writing to them comes natural and falls from their fingers like rain from heaven.

I am not one of these.

Writing to me never was easy nor was it a dream, at least not until 2008.  Up until then, writing was just a necessary evil that I had to embrace in order to get through college.  It was through these troubling times that I realized two important truths:

I have a talent for making things up


I love to write

College ended in 2006 and so did my reasons to write.   Fast forward to the last months of 2007 and you’ll see a very bored and anxious individual.  With the new year approaching, I found myself with an itch in my brain that I could not scratch.  That itch…was an idea.  Not a story idea but a life changing idea.  I wanted more out of my life.  I needed to do something big.  Something that would define me.  But what?  For weeks I didn’t know.  Then, just before New Years, it hit me.

I want to write a book

And so I began writing.  I sat down at my computer and put my hands on my keyboard.  It was at that moment I had another great awakening.  I didn’t know what to write about. I had no story, no epic journey that needed to be told.  My mind was blank and my Word document even more so.

Instead of giving up, I did the smartest thing I’ve ever done writing-wise.  I began writing about…well…nothing really important at first.  I just wrote.  It was pure discovery writing at its best.  This little exercise got me started (this is the smart part I mentioned before).  The next thing I knew, I finished my very first novel.

 *Insert extreme joy here*

I’ve now finished two novels (unpublished) and am currently writing my third.

– Metz