I’ve been writing now for a number of years. I’ve tried writing at home, work, my car (not while driving), cabins and libraries. Here’s what I’ve come to learn about good writing environments.

  • Writing at home
    • If you have children…THEY WILL FIND YOU.
    • Somewhere in the distance…Netflix and a couch are calling.
    • If you can’t lock yourself in an office, chances are, you will be distracted by something or someone.
    • It’s easy to throw in the towel when you get sleepy or frustrated. That bed is only a room away…
  • Writing at work
    • Emails, phone calls, and office gossip never sleep. Each of these can rob you of dedicated writing time.
    • Co-workers can’t distinguish between writing time and working time. This was a huge issue for me. Even shutting my office door during my lunch breaks was futile.
  • Libraries
    • Much like taking a trip to Walmart, it’s hard not to ‘people watch’. A heavily tattooed guy jamming away to his iPod, while reading A Tale of Two Cities could break the concentration of even the most dedicated of writers.
    • Surprisingly, libraries are NOT quiet.
  • Outdoors, on a blanket…somewhere in a¬†forest.
    • I think we all dream of this scenario…but does it have wi-fi? ; )

So what works best for you?

I find a two hour block at my local library (despite the people-watching) is the most compatible writing environment for me. If I throw on the headphones, call up a YouTube list of writing music and drowned out the crying babies…it’s go time.